"I Am Truth" CampaignOur #GirlPower program is an anti-bullying / positive social media message initiative …

Let’s face it, the Internet, social media and high-tech phones are not going away anytime soon.  It has become the most popular means amongst youth to communicate and showcase their life through pictures, video, text, and through 140 characters or less.  It has caused many nightmares for parents and unwanted attention for youth.

Through youth and peer influence, STAR strives to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated; where girls are more uplifting and empowering than humiliating and degrading.

Over the last few years, bullying / cyberbullying has become a huge ordeal within school systems.  Because of this, youth have committed suicide, extreme acts of violence and murder.  *Did you know:

  • A girl is bullied every 7 minutes in the school yard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom.
  • Girls are more likely than boys to be victims of cyberbullying.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers. Teen girls are more likely to attempt suicide.
  • Three-fourths of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities, such as disordered eating, bullying, smoking or drinking.
  • Only 2% of women think they are beautiful.
  • 1 in 3 girls between the ages of 16 and 18 say sex is expected for people their age if they’re in a relationship.


  • S.T.A.R. meets with the young ladies, “STAR Ambassadors,” twice per month for one hour at their high school
  • Every girl must have a signed permission slip (provided by STAR) by her parent or guardian to be a part of the program
  • There is no cost to the school, student or their parent/guardian
  • STAR provides the appropriate school administrator with a monthly program plan on topics to be discussed, initiatives, activities, etc.
  • We only ask that the school administrator identify the participants, and provide a room for us to utilize


  • To decrease cyberbullying and negative activity amongst female youth/young adults
  • Through engagement of youth/young adults, increase the productivity of positive messages via social networks
  • To increase self-esteem amongst female youth/young adults
  • To increase healthy living initiatives amongst female youth/young adults


  • Maintain a 2.8 GPA or higher
  • Adhere to and promise to demonstrate leadership through positive, lady-like, ethical, utmost moral behaviors
  • Remain active by participating in monthly S.T.A.R. meetings
  • Assist S.T.A.R. in promoting positive youth-driven messages via social networks; aid in changing the ever-popular platform to become a more positive experience for youth
  • Embrace and express the uplifting of girls
  • Embrace and embody #GirlPower


  • Food provided during our monthly meetings
  • Awesome monthly incentives such as gift cards/certificates, movie tickets, concert tickets, and much more
  • S.T.A.R. branded t-shirts
  • Community service/philanthropic credit
  • Opportunities: Internships (media/arts/communications/entertainment focused), setting goals for career-pathing and networking


  • A fun, positive and rewarding experience for girls
  • A ZERO COST to the schools, students and parents/guardians
  • Motivational and uplifting encouragement
  • Positive behaviors that ultimately radiate to and through their peers
  • Discussion topics: self-respect, self-reliance, self-esteem, healthy living initiatives (exercise, eating, financial health, relationships)

Billboard.com said it best, “it’s an interesting commentary on the influence of social media in today’s world.”  

If you’re interested in S.T.A.R. hosting our #GirlPower program at your school, please contact us at info@foundationofstars.org.



Source:  *ConfidenceCoalition.org