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Mar 7, 2015

Earlier today, I blogged about International Women’s Day and the unprecedented strides women are making; it’s a proud day!

030715image4Make it happen #MakeItHappen is one of the International Women’s Day themes for 2015 and I’m kicking it off with #fitness. No matter what you attempt to “make happen,” if you don’t at least take care of yourself mentally and physically, yielding healthy – your productivity will NEVER be at its best … 100%.

030715image2Today, my 5 foot 6.5 inch build in height weighed in at a disappointing (self-disappointment) 174 pounds, nearly busting out of a size 8 jean – a 14 pound increase from just 8 months ago :-(.  I asked myself, what in the world happened?? Outside of eating everything rich in butter, sugar and carbohydrates (lol) … I don’t know, and now is not the time for me to dig in the past, but yet, focus on future goals.

It takes a lot of courage for a woman to post sweaty, hair-not-done, ill-posed photos (lol) of themselves, but today is the first day of my transformational journey —> #healthy #wealthy #fit #fine #fitness #active 🙂

030715image3I may not look glamorous (lol), but I was comfortably matching and ready for a hardcore workout in fashionable activewear style – just the right fabric to keep me cool, poised and collected.

Trained by fitness guru and nutritionist, Jana Stewart – with the support of Co. 512 , I will stylishly transform self-disappointment into self-satisfaction.

030715image1It always helps when you can get up and go out in style —> Adidas Adipure Gazelle 2 shoes / Adidas Climalite techfit pant: stay dry, compression, great shape and comfort / Adidas Climalite t-shirt: stay dry and comfortable – keeps your body dry by drawing sweat away from the skin.








Stay tuned!  Join me and follow my 120-day journey to a healthier, happier fit new me 🙂

If you like the snazzy, jazzy activewear you see, go online or stop by Co. 512 located in downtown Royal Oak, MI.

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