We’ve Just Been So Busy! :-)

Oct 15, 2014

But, that’s a good thing right?? 🙂 …

For those that subscribe and follow STAR, thank you!  I know, we haven’t blogged in a while, but rest assured we’ve been busy doing #GirlPower work!

Since the last time you’ve heard from us, we’ve been out in the community, attended events and supported various youth-focused non-profit organizations, attended a two-day Oprah inspiration session (a journey to the life you want) #LifeYouWantTour, went to NYC for Adweek 11 #AWXI, and kicked off our #GirlPower program for the 2014-15 school term.

To say it’s been busy is an understatement.  But, over the next few days, we promise to update you with exciting details and photos 🙂  Stay tuned …


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