There is Power in Social —> @HustleandHeels #GirlPower

Mar 7, 2014

TiffaniRose(HustleAndHeels)As I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon a post by one of my good friends.  She posted a pic of herself wearing a t-shirt by “Hustle and Heels.” #TooCute 🙂  Being the t-shirt lover that I am, I immediately went to the Hustle and Heels website to find out more about the message and how I too could obtain a shirt.  #SocialMediaIsSomethingSerious

A swanky tee with a message: Women Empowerment, inward and outward focus, positivity and #GirlPower!

I’m impressed! Founder, Publisher and Editor of Hustle and Heels, K. Renee began this movement as a direct result of how women are negatively portrayed on television.  She states, “my ultimate goal is to show the world that there are still women who believe in ‘girl power,’ and I am accomplishing this goal one business woman at a time.”

kreneeThere is nothing I love more than sisterhood, unity and commonality amongst women. K. Renee, you’re doing your “thang;” keep up the grind, great work and grande heels! 🙂  XO


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