Young @___Heroine, Follow Her Journey #SheDidThat!

Jan 24, 2014

Endia’s Mom’s IG Post

When we found out that one of our “STARs,” Endia Lasha, from University Preparatory Academy not only made National Honor Society – a mere sophomore in high school – already receiving letters of interest from various colleges and universities throughout the states for her academic achievement, we had to send her a shirt.  #SheDidThat!

This is what #SheDidThat! is all about!  She believed she could so she did – uplifting and empowering young ladies and women everywhere to be the best they can be; keep climbing and never settle!

STAR’s #GirlPower program is an anti-bullying / positive social media message initiative.  Bullying, cyberbullying and negative messages posted via social networks has gotten so out of control until we’ve created a program dedicated to the eradication of such.

We want youth, in particular our young ladies to utilize the ever-popular medium for the greater good: Inspire. Empower. Share. Love.

EndiaLashaBeing the parent that I am, when I discovered that her twitter handle is @__heroine, I said to myself, “wait a minute!” LOL … Lesson learned, don’t always assume the worst of youth 🙂  Research and/or ask before jumping to conclusions.  The definition of Heroine: a woman noted for courage and daring action.  A woman noted for special achievement in a particular field.  The principal female character in a novel, poem, or dramatic presentation.

We are proud of you Ms. Endia Lasha!  Keep up the great work.  We’ll be right there rooting for you when you walk across that stage – making that transition to young adulthood – entering the college life! 🙂



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