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Jan 29, 2014

This past Sunday, I was having “one of those days.”  The weather was horrible – negative wind chill, gusty winds and slippery roads.  I had gone to the grocery store and it was packed; I was there for almost an hour.

I couldn’t wait to get back home and make a bowl of hot chili, eaten with whole wheat crackers and a tall glass of lemonade.  After I finished cooking my Italian seasoned ground turkey, I drained it, put it in a pot, and added hot beans and chili seasoning.  To my unfortunate surprise, I was missing tomato sauce 🙁

I refused to go back to the grocery store and stand in a long line for a can of tomato sauce.  Instead, I went to the corner CVS and paid double the price for a small can, therefore I had to get two.  I was griping, moaning and complaining … like I said, it was one of those days!

DoorsofSuccess3Later on that evening, something jogged my memory … reflecting back on my volunteer experience with “Doors of Success Foundation.”  Earlier this month one Saturday afternoon, I volunteered to distribute coats, scarves, gloves and clothing to the homeless.  We stood outside in the bitter cold bundled in our own coat, hat, scarf and boots servicing the less fortunate.  The line was long, we didn’t care, we were all too eager to serve!

While there, a moment I will never forget … we provided grocery bags for their belongings and a man asked for several bags.  After providing him with just a few, he asked “may I have more please.” I smiled and asked, “why do you want so many bags?”  He replied, I wrap them around my feet to prevent water getting on them and causing frost bite.

That brought tears to my eyes.  His voice and what he said haunts me from time to time.  So again, this past Sunday, while I was stomping my feet, griping, moaning and complaining, I had to think back and remember.  I had to remind myself that I have a home with heat and electricity, a car to remotely start so that it’s warm prior to me getting in.  I have the means and ability to drive to the store to purchase food and/or cans of tomato sauce 🙂

DoorsofSuccess2Putting things into perspective, I told myself, stop your complaining; it could be worse!  I could be in a position without the means or ability.  I could be that person standing on the street corner out in the cold begging for money, wishing I had a can of tomato sauce.  Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves and humble ourselves.

I thank organizations like the Doors of Success Foundation for all that they do.  They not only help the less fortunate, but they help the fortunate to remain humble, grateful and thankful … people like me!

Follow them on their quest to service the needs of the homeless and low income families in Metro Detroit:  Instagram @doorsofsuccessfoundation and click here to like their Facebook page!


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