@LoveShareCare: A 14-Year-Old on a Mission for Teens by a Teen …

Nov 19, 2013

On November 11th, I received a twitter alert that “@LoveShareCare is now following you.”  For my personal Twitter account, I usually don’t follow back unless I know the person/organization; I like to see my personal Twitter feed filled with tweets I may be interested in 🙂

LoveShareCare(Founder)“LoveShareCare” peeked my interest; I saw this adorable little face and wanted to know more, so I followed back :-).  I clicked on the link to their website and was instantly moved!

LoveShareCare was founded by a teen for teens.  LoveShareCare is a social place where girls can freely share what they love in a caring environment. Girls can share photos, post status updates, send love shouts, love comments, receive awesome discount tickets to movies and more. LoveShareCare is accessible by invite only which helps keep the site safe and secure.

Their mission is to build self-esteem, create unity within the classroom, promote healthy habits and stop the cyberbullying epidemic. They provide a stimulating positive social outlet that builds into the unique characteristics of growing adolescent girls.  After witnessing a close friend go through being bullied, 14-year-old Founder, Azariah felt that enough was enough. “I knew something had to be done and if things were going to change, I had to step up and do something that would spark the change,” says Azariah.

How could we not support an organization such as this?  I am so proud of Azariah’s willingness to aid in making cyberspace a better place for teens; you go girl! 🙂 Ironically, we just blogged about this epidemic back in October.  In addition, S.T.A.R. has something similar entitled #GirlPower and we would love nothing more than to further assist LoveShareCare in their quest for unity and harmony amongst girls.

Click here, if you would like to ‘do good’ and help LoveShareCare stop cyberbullying!



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