$20,000 Scholarship: Calling All Athletes …

Nov 21, 2013


The Footlocker Scholar Athletes program honors athletes for demonstrating excellence in school, on their sports team, and in their communities.  This is an award where they celebrate YOU!  Not necessarily because you scored the winning touchdown or goal, but because sports have helped you grow into a strong leader in your community.

Twenty winners of the program will each receive $20,000 in scholarship funding for college.


October 2
Application opens — get going!

December 12
Nomination deadline closes.

December 19
Application closes at 5:00pm EST

Scholarship winners announced!


Eligibility Rules

The applicant must:

  • Be entering college in the Fall of 2014 as a Freshman at a four-year school for an undergraduate degree
  • Be currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community-based sports
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident (you will be asked to prove citizenship and age if you win)
  • Not be an officer or director of Foot Locker, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries, or a member of the immediate family of such an officer or director

The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Scholarship Program may grant one-time deferments to Scholar Athletes subject to the following stipulations:

  • The student has completed at least two full semesters at their enrolled university and is in good standing and otherwise in compliance with the terms, conditions and rules governing the awarded scholarship at the time of the deferment request;
  • Deferments, if granted, will be limited to two (2) full continuous semesters (one continuous academic year); Exceptions may be made for cases of illness or health emergency;
  • The student must return full time to a fully accredited and approved university immediately following the completion of the Deferment Period;
  • The student must provide written documentation from the university regarding their leave of absence in conjunction with a deferment application;
  • Submission of this application does not guarantee automatic approval of a deferment request

What You Need

Each applicant must submit:

  • A complete application form
  • One recommendation from a non-family member
  • There is room to submit additional materials such as one more recommendation, photos, and/or videos, but they are entirely optional.

All materials, including the recommendation, must be submitted by December 19th by 5:00pm EST (even if you’re in Central, Mountain, or Pacific time).


Good luck!


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